In order to achieve our vision, we focus on six strategic areas:

Understanding our markets of operation

  • Constant monitoring of the nature and dynamics in each market
  • Ensuring that the best possible value proposition is presented to the market at all times
  • Continually evaluating new opportunities in existing markets as well as new markets

Enhancing our existing entrepreneurial approach

  • Encouraging creative approaches to existing and new market opportunities
  • Rewarding innovative responses to challenges

Achieving operational excellence

  • Thoroughly understanding business processes and cost structures enabling sustainable and competitive pricing options
  • Continually reviewing operations with a view to increasing productivity
  • Integrating newly acquired, or newly established companies into the OneLogix operational system in an efficient and productive manner
  • Maintaining an appropriately motivated, skilled, competent and value-driven workforce with well-established safety and sustainable business practices

Ensuring resilience and sustainability

  • Maintaining competitive advantages
  • Maintaining a healthy financial position for all companies
  • Successfully integrating various strategic inputs at all times
  • Ensuring responsible and safe operations
  • Adhering to regulatory compliance

Protecting the company’s reputation

  • Encouraging positive stakeholder relationships
  • Developing, empowering and retaining skilled people
  • Focusing intently on customer service
  • Fostering a workforce centred on excellence and respect at all times

Developing leadership and people

  • Continually focusing on maintaining a high-performance culture
  • Ensuring that the entrepreneurial attitude of management and staff is maintained and enhanced
  • Providing opportunities for people development with related recognition and reward
  • Ensuring a functionally efficient ethos of teamwork
  • Creating an enabling culture based on a clear value system that ensures staff identification with business goals

The business model adopted is one with 24 years of experience in the logistic business in South Africa and Southern Africa to ensure the following:

Provide a home for entrepreneurial spirit where corporate governance, IT, legal and admin matters can be transferred to the core in order for the entrepreneurial business to flourish; The application of group best practise to the business acquired or incorporated.